Movie Mon(Date)

Good evening!

I know I had mentioned today would be Make It Monday, but then I looked at the calendar and realized it was time to start our Valentine’s Day series! I am going to share several ideas for budget friendly dates and I would encourage you to apply them to your relationship any time of the year, not just for this holiday.

So, first up is Movie Mon(Date)!!!

My husband and I love going to the movies but it’s always about $50 between the tickets and snacks, and you just sit in the dark next to someone and watch a movie without really interacting. So I came up with a fun movie night in kit! This is not an original idea in any way, I’ve seen it done a thousand different ways and you can tailor it to fit any budget.

You could easily do a movie night in for under $10 and still have a lot of fun. You don’t have to buy a new movie either; you could eat snacks from your own pantry and squeeze in a free date! You can also go all out and spend $100 on it, it’s up to you.

My basket is middle of the road in price, coming in at $41.79. I know that seems like a lot, but a typical Valentine’s Day date could hit three figures easy and I have several great ways to trim it back if you aren’t able or comfortable to spend that much.


-First things first: the bowl was $9.99. We didn’t have a popcorn bowl, I used ours gardening last year and had never replaced it. I could have picked a less expensive bowl, I could have even gone to the dollar store, but I feel like popcorn bowls get a lot of abuse and this one matches my kitchen. It was a splurge, 25% of the entire price! But, we will have it for a long time. I found it easy to justify the price because it’s not something that will only be used for Valentine’s Day. You can cut this cost by going with a cheaper bowl or even cut it out completely by using a bowl you already have.

-The set of His and Her glasses were $3.99 at Ross. Both Ross and TJ Maxx had decent selections for couple’s glasses. Did we need a set of glasses? No, but they are fun and again will be something that we can use again and again.  I will be purchasing a 2 liter of soda as a treat to go with our movies (bringing the total to around $43) and felt like these would be super cute with our soda. You could just use glasses you have at home to cut this cost as well. If you use a bowl and glasses you already have you cut out $13.98 which is a big chunk!

– Candy came to $12.81. The two movie box candies I got at Target for $0.75 each (I used cartwheel for 25% off), the bag of mars minis was also from Target and was $3.33. The two big Milka chocolate bars are Austrian chocolate and I got them at Ross for $3.99 each. One of the best ways to save money on candy for the holidays is to not buy holiday candy. You can almost always find movie box candy and strips of mini candy bars for around $1 in stores like Wal-Mart and Target. You can get $5 worth of candy and have a great variety. You can save by getting $1 candy or by shopping at places you wouldn’t normally think of for candy like Ross or TJ Maxx. You can often find well known artisan chocolates for a reduced price. I picked these Austrian bars because I thought it would be fun and something different from the norm. I will also be adding a packet of popcorn from our pantry to the bowl.

-Movies were $5 each, $15 for all 3. You can find low cost DVDs everywhere anymore it seems. Target has sections for $4 and $5 movies, Wal-Mart has $3.74 and $5 bins for movies. Again, these are things that we will keep and watch several times so I didn’t feel like $15 was anything crazy. That’s less than 2 movie tickets. You can reduce this cost by choosing movies in a lower price point or by getting fewer movies. You could also rent a movie for around $2 and get something fairly new to watch, just be sure you return it on time so you don’t get charged for more than the one night.


Again, everything but the candy will be reused time and time again so I didn’t mind spending a little more. If you need some help getting a movie night gift assembled for less(assuming you have a bowl you can use), here you go!


$20- three $5 movies, two $1 candies, small $3 bag of candy


$10- $5 movie, two $1 candies, small $3 bag of candy


$13- $13 in candy, bag of popcorn from the pantry, movie you already own


$5- small $3 bag of candy, two $1 candies, popcorn from pantry, movie you already own OR $5 movie and popcorn from the pantry


$2- two $1 candies, movie you already own, and popcorn from the pantry.


You can also do FREE by just having popcorn and a movie you already own. If that doesn’t seem exciting in the least, check your local library and find a movie there and check it out for free or borrow a movie from a friend.

Do you have tips on cutting cost for movie night in? Share them below!

Join me tomorrow for part two of our Valentine’s Day Series!


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