(Forgotten) Fuel Friday

Oops . . .

I had made it one of my goals to blog daily when I started this blog four weeks ago. I’m finding that to be a very hard task, but a challenge that I want to continue to take on. I took Thursday off with a brief “Time-Out Thursday” posted from my phone while I snuggled on the couch with my dogs and husband, and then yesterday I was so tired when I got home I fell asleep before I had a chance to post. I had taken pictures, had the skeleton of the blog planned, everything. And then I fell asleep. So, here is the post that should have gone up last night:

Remember Market Monday a couple of weeks back? I mentioned that I had earned gas rewards during my trip to the store and was excited to use them. Well, for the past two weeks I have been hoarding those points, adding to them a little in each week that has passed since then.

I do the majority of my grocery shopping at Martin’s which has a gas rewards system. For every $100 you spend you earn $0.10 off every gallon of gas (up to 25 gallons) at your next fill up. From time to time they have certain deals to help bulk up your points. I took advantage of one last week that was a promotion for $0.50 in gas rewards with the purchase of six qualifying items. I bought applesauce for lunches, peanut butter for the house, and a couple of drinks. They were also all on sale! Yesterday I stopped in to do my weekly grocery shopping and saw a similar promotion and got rice cakes (great with peanut butter!), two marinades, and two 6 packs of flavored water (again, on sale. They were normally $2.50 each but the sale was 2/$3!). So I had some extra points racked up!

I have always used mid-grade gas in my car. I get better mileage and with a tank that has around a ten gallon capacity the extra miles are worth it. Plus I have always felt like it was better for my car for whatever reason.


Yesterday on my way to work my gaslight came on. I decided that after work I would go grocery shopping and then get gas. I figured I normally spend around $100 on groceries and would have that extra ten-cent discount; I did not plan on buying items to meet that $0.50 promotion. After my shopping trip was completed I peeked at my receipt and I was up to $1.70 in rewards!


I was able to fill my car for only $0.859 a gallon!

I budget us $30 a week for gas, and because I was being so careful lumping errands together and such this past week I was actually able to roll over some of our gas funds from last week to this week. It’s the first time it has happened so far that I was able to roll funds from one week to the next.

I get about 320 miles out of a tank of gas and only live 11 miles from work. I commute roughly 110 miles a week to and from work. I have no big plans for the week, so this fill up should easily last me the entire week and into next week.


I filled my tank for under $10! That means that I will be able to roll over funds AGAIN from one week to the next! Originally I had hoped to allot $50 each week and roll over the funds to cover things like oil changes, tires, etc. but we just don’t have the extra $20 a week right now to make that happen. Luckily I have still been able to find ways to save and roll over from week to week.

Looking forward to seeing how much I can save on gas the next couple weeks! I have $42 in my gas pocket and can only imagine that number growing! Love seeing concrete progress like this. It’s hard to argue that it’s not worth it when you can actually see the funds in that pocket growing.


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