Water Wednesday

Water. We can’t exist without it, and yet we use it to wash our dirty clothes. There are a ton of ways that you can save both with and on water, here are a few of my personal favorites! 
1. Order water at a restaurant. Every place I’ve ever ordered water it was free and you can generally ask for a complimentary lime or lemon wedge to boot. This can save $3 or more (sometimes far more) depending on where you are dining. 

2. Splurge on a reusable water bottle. Spending a few dollars, or even $15, on a reusable water bottle that you like will save you hundreds down the road. You can refill it most places you stop throughout the day for free, I’ve even seen water bottle refilling stations in airports just past security. Save on purchasing bottled water in airports, amusement parks, and even running errands. I take mine to work and refill it from a gallon I keep in the fridge.

3. Use tap water. If your water is safe to drink straight from the tap, do so! It will save you so much money in the long run. Our current house is on a well with very high iron so while we still use it for cooking, washing, and bathing I purchase water for drinking. The tap at work smells so strongly of chlorine you would think you were pool side! That’s why I also bring water to work. 

4. Purchase gallons if you are buying water. A gallon of water is usually around $0.80-$0.90 if you buy them individually. A case of twenty four 16oz bottles (3 gallons) can cost as much as $5 even without springing for big names and fancy bottles. We keep one gallon in the fridge and one in the cupboard by the keurig. One future purchase I would like to make is a water cooler because you can buy water in bulk even cheaper than $0.80 a gallon!

5. Shower quickly. When I shower before work I try to keep it under 15 minutes and I know realistically I should work on cutting it back even more. The longer you shower the more water you use, and also the more electricity you use. You may also find yourself turning on the fan to help clear the humidity after a long shower, using up even more electricity. I do allow myself a long shower every so often as a treat if I’m especially stressed or my muscles are very sore, other than that I get in and get to business. I made a couple of playlists on my phone that are 10-14 minutes long and I play those while I’m in the shower to help keep me on track. 

6. Wash laundry in cold water. If you can get away with it (fabric laundering instructions say it’s okay) do as much in cold as you can! You will save on electricity by not having to heat the water. 

7. Pick an appropriate cycle size. If your drum is a third full, don’t run it on a full load cycle. If you do you will waste water, electricity, time, and potentially detergent. 

8. Use washable items. I know, seems counter-productive to those last few. If you are smart about it, using cloth in place of disposable products can make a huge difference. Napkins, kitchen towels, even diapers. 

9. Drink water. I realize those first few assumed you were already doing that. Drinking water will help you stay hydrated (obviously) which means less headaches among other great health benefits. Aside from decreasing your costs in pain relievers you can save a ton by replacing drinks in your daily life with water. I have mentioned I like to pack a container with juice for my lunches and that I indulge in coffee, but the rest of the day I drink water. You save on calories, and the cost of other drinks! 

10. Infuse your water. Not ready to give up on your sugary sweet drinks? Try infusing water with fruit! I keep bags of chopped frozen fruit in the freezer for smoothies and it makes it a cinch to infuse the water in my water bottle, and helps keep it cool as an added bonus!

I could go in for days! Water is a great tool for staying healthy and keeping your budget on track! Share your favorite ways to save money using water below!
As always, I’ll see you tomorrow. 


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