Finally Friday

Whew! What. A. Week.

For any of my fellow Friday Pay Day friends, we made it! Haha!

I had other plans for tonight’s blog, but it seems that there are times when I plan a blog and then life throws me a curve ball and I end up sharing something totally different. Today is one of those days.

I woke up at 4:30am this morning . . . it was awful. For any of you that have to do that on a daily basis for work, I’m sorry. Luckily I only have to do it on Fridays and occasionally for other events. The first thing I did was check our bank account. It was filled with fresh funds.

I made a $100 payment towards card 1 from an app on my phone as I was brushing my teeth. You’ve gotta love technology. I also paid an invoice for a hat that I had found and wanted. That will come out of my cash portion of the budget.

I arrived at work and was having a decent albeit stressful day and then received an email that I had won a company contest and would receive a cash prize of $100! What?! That’s too good to be true right? Except it was real, and I had done it before! I started toying with ideas. Put the whole thing in savings, split it between cards and make an additional payment; the possibilities were endless.

Came home, changed out of my uniform into regular clothes and took one of our dogs to the vet for a checkup and routine tests and vaccines. I know I have mentioned our vet plan previously and I did get some literature on it, so I will be doing a blog on that soon. Today’s visit should have been covered under our plan. One of the vaccines requires a booster that will not be covered (my fault as I started the series and didn’t keep up with it so we were re-starting and while some of the second series was covered, not all of it was) and I asked how much it would be. They pulled it up and the vet said “about $15 . . . is that okay?” and I said “yeah, I just wanted to know if we needed to budget or not. I had no clue what to expect. $15 just means I pack lunch an extra day” and laughed. She understood and we continued our visit. They then did the testing that was covered and we found out that our girl was positive for one of the tests. So, my “free” vet visit shot up to $120 due today and then up to $100 due later this week depending on the results of further testing.

While it was scary to receive news like that, I also felt like in that moment money was no object. If they had told me “it’s $800 for the additional test” instead of the $120 I would have still done it and then scrambled to pay rent in a week. My girls are my babies. I also don’t think that it was a coincidence that I won money earlier in the day that will cover around half of this week’s unexpected vet costs. Everything happens for a reason.

Since our quick 20 minute vet appointment turned into an hour and a half visit and my dog had been poked, prodded, and the like, I let her “pick” a toy out. I honestly didn’t care what the cost was; I was so distracted in that moment. She wasn’t really paying attention to any even as we walked down the toy aisle and then recognized one that was similar to something that we had at home. She picked it, and it was only $3! I probably bought the original one on clearance too and it just happened that there were more there today.

So, tomorrow I get to sit down with my husband so that we can crunch numbers and figure out our budget for the week. For tonight, I’m enjoying some peppermint chocolate milk (I don’t really drink alcohol) and unwinding before falling into bed and sleeping as long as possible. I know that losing that additional money this week will be hard, especially since our income came in at bare minimum. But I feel like we can still make it fun. Maybe we can go out to dinner with one of our gift cards!

Hope you have a great night, I’ll see you tomorrow!


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