Wallet Wednesday

I have had a couple of questions about how I track my spending habits, and my answers so far have been mostly:

  1. Paper and pen
  2. My wallet

I keep little running balances of our accounts on papers all over my desk and car. I like keeping track on paper and find it to be very reliable as long as I am consistent.

My wallet is a fantastic creation from Savvy Cents and I love it! I find it easy to use and very intuitive. I found it on Amazon this past November and purchased it because I already knew that I wanted to get our money in order in 2017. It was $29.00 plus $3.95 shipping and handling for a total of $32.95. It is not eligible for prime shipping or my shipping would have been free. It comes in 9 colors so you have several to choose from should you decide to look at them. (PSA this is not a sponsored blog, I just love my wallet haha).

I know that $33 is quite a bit of money for a wallet, but it is great and makes managing my money fun. Plus, my old wallet was 3 or 4 years old.

1.18 front back.jpg


I purchased the teal chevron pattern and feel like it’s very versatile. While their emblem is a bit bulky it looks nice so I hardly notice it. I love the built-in coin purse on the reverse side. It is quite roomy, I have nearly a dollar in change in it currently and you can’t even tell there is any change in it looking at it. The zippers are all extremely smooth and the overall quality of the wallet makes me feel like it was built to last. It has a wrist-let strap tucked in the spine that you can pull out and use or just keep it tucked away. I honestly forget it’s there, but should really use it more.

The fabric is a weird texture to try to describe. It’s like a duck canvas that has been sprayed with water-repellent; that’s the best I can do.


Look at all it has to offer! I keep my personal cash in the big cash pocket at the top; currently it’s just full of receipts. Then there are 6 card slots on the front of that pocket. I haven’t moved any cards to it yet because I’m trying really hard to keep us “cash only.” I do tuck my debit card in my wallet for emergencies but removed it for security reasons. Then you have a pen holder which is great for people who are trying to track their spending. You can use it for shopping lists, recording spending, etc. There are 2 ID slots, I honestly don’t need more than one so I may use the second one for an inspiring quote or a picture of something we are saving for to have as motivation to save when I open it to spend. Then, the biggest reason I purchased this wallet, the accordion pockets.


It comes with plastic dividers and stickers to label them for your spending categories. I have: grocery, gas, pets, house, and dates. I withdraw our budget between Friday and Monday after I have looked over our budget several times, crunched numbers, and paid bills. I then divide it between those categories. We are currently out of cash. There is $1 in either gas or grocery, but that won’t do much in either category so I’m letting it sit there until it gets some friends this weekend. We received gift cards for Christmas that I will add to “dates” for us, and there is a gift card in pets left from when I found those coupon book gift cards (read Fur-baby Friday from January 6) that has a $1.99 balance. I will probably use it for crickets for our bearded dragon before the week is up.


Each accordion pocket can be used at 3 spaces. The plastic divider sits in a pocket that is sewn to the fabric divider. I put coupons on one side and cash on the other, of the divider in the sewn pocket and receipts in the larger area. I find this to be an easy system and have been having great results with it for several weeks.


I like using cash because once it’s gone, you are done. You can’t possibly expect to pay with air and I feel like this really creates that visual for why we shouldn’t be reaching for plastic to pay for things when we can’t afford them outright.

What do you use to track your spending? I’ve tried several apps and am still trying new ones out before I make a decision and comment on those, but if you have one that you like and think I should try, please leave a note below and I’ll check it out!

As always, I’ll see you tomorrow!


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