Savings Challenge Saturday

Welcome! Hopefully you are staying warm today. Seems like there is cold weather country-wide!

This was the savings challenge I had originally picked for us to complete.

Week 1 $60 Week 2 $75 Week 3 $95 Week 4 $100 12 Week



Week 5 $65 Week 6 $75 Week 7 $95 Week 8 $100
Week 9 $65 Week 10 $75 Week 11 $95 Week 12 $100


While it’s a great challenge and I still want to complete it sometime during this year, it just wasn’t right for us to start first thing this year. This challenge helps you save $1,000 in 12 weeks, no small task. I am hoping that we can pull this one back out and put it into action early summer as that is when our income is the highest.

I scoured Pinterest looking for another savings challenge that I could start and feel great about. I wanted something that would start small and build momentum so that I could see instant results and feel motivated to keep it going. Most of them were either like the one above and were short but intense. Others lasted the full year but built so gradually that I wasn’t sure that I would feel motivated to keep up. I’ve included a snippet of one of those below.

Week 1 $1 Week 2 $2 Week 3 $3 Week 4 $4 12 Week



Week 5 $5 Week 6 $6 Week 7 $7 Week 8 $8
Week 9 $9 Week 10 $10 Week 11 $11 Week 12 $12


Sure, I can save $8 this month no problem. Even with money being tight, that’s literally going to be pocket change. But this challenge, as easy as it may seem was really off-putting. Yes the total for the year is $1,378.00 which is exciting, but those last couple months are going to be hard. Sparing $51 the week of Christmas to a savings challenge would feel awful. $202 of the year’s savings is in December alone.

While I am sure that there are plenty out there that I would have loved and put into place, I decided to create my own. Now, I will be the first to recognize that I am not some magical savings challenge creator and that this has probably been done before. I couldn’t find one like this in my searches but that doesn’t negate the fact that it may exist.

I have decided to do a 52 week challenge where deposits are even number and increase and then decrease. I picked a 52 week challenge because I feel like having something with a long-term goal is great and it’s not too late to start it this year. I chose even numbers because they build momentum much faster than using single dollar increments, and I chose to have an increase and then a decrease because it will be easier to save small amounts now, larger amounts come summer, and smaller amounts come the yearend holidays. Here is a snippet of the challenge:

Week 1 $2 Week 2 $4 Week 3 $6 Week 4 $8 12 Week



Week 5 $10 Week 6 $12 Week 7 $14 Week 8 $16
Week 9 $18 Week 10 $20 Week 11 $22 Week 12 $24


The deposit amount increases by 2 every week from weeks 1-26 so that you are depositing $2 on week 1 and $52 on week 26. It then decreases by 2 every week from weeks 27-52 so that you are depositing $52 on week 27 and $2 on week 52. The total saved for this challenge is $1404. It’s slightly more than the conventional 52 week challenge but is easier on the budget and takes the holiday seasons into account.

Thre is a link to a copy of my challenge below the snippet table. Enjoy!

I went ahead and made my savings challenge deposit as a transfer this morning. Hurray!!! The balance in savings was not a whole dollar amount so I also added enough to bring it up to the next whole dollar. Our first deposit in the account last week was more than $2 so I’m just going to continue on from here out with my new plan.

Looking forward to Summary Sunday tomorrow! I really like the weekly check in, it helps keep me accountable.


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