Frantic Friday

Anyone else unimpressed with this Friday the Thirteenth?

I’m starting to dread pay-days because it just feels like a reminder of how far in over our heads we really are anymore. I used to love pay-day, I would get up and look at our bank account balance, get excited and go splurge on something. Now I’m trying to figure out how to spread what we already have in the pantry to feed us for another week so I won’t have to go grocery shopping.

Something I had tried previously to build a bill payment routine was to make a list of the bills due each week and how much of each check should roll over into the “pot” for the next week. Well, I did that for this month and while it looked okay on paper, it’s so tight in reality that I’m starting to enter panic mode.

Date Projected income & expenses (original plan) Actual Income & expenses Difference
1/6 Income +$1,000

Phone -$215

Electric -$310

Cash -$200

Groceries/Household -$150




Balance +$125

Income +$1,130

Phone -$212

Electric -$309

Cash -$236

Groceries/Household -$250

Pets -$85

Gas -$30


Balance +$8

Income +$130

Phone +$3

Electric +$1

Cash -$36

Groceries/Household -$100

Pets -$85

Gas -$30


Total -$117

1/13 Income +$1000

Vet Plan -$60

Car Insurance -$190

Cash -$200

Groceries -$150


Balance +$400

Income +$1140

Vet Plan -$60 (auto on 19th)

Car Ins -$189 (auto on 18th)

Cash -$107 (so far)

Groceries -$25 (so far)


Balance +$759 (so far)

Income +$140

Vet Plan $0

Car Ins +$1

Cash +$93 (so far)

Groceries +$125 (so far)


Total +$359 (so far)

1/20 Income +$1000

Card 4 -$515

Card 1 -$100

Cash -$200

Groceries -$150


Balance +$35

1/27 Income +$1000

Card 2 -$30

Card 3 -$30

Subscriptions -$25

Cash -$200

Groceries -$150


Balance +$565

2/3 Income +$1000

Rent -$1400

Cash -$200

Groceries -$150


Balance -$750

  Balance +$375    


The biggest downfall of my original “plan” is that it doesn’t include anywhere near all of our expenses, but will spend all of our income. We are apparently very close to not making it this month in terms of bills. Part of me knows that if worst comes to worst I can drive out to our other bank and “borrow” from that savings account. But I really don’t want to have to do that. Ultimately I want to try to keep our spending to the bare minimum this week and make our card 4 payment early. I guess we will see. If we end up scraping bottom then I can still go and transfer those funds.

Part of me says “do it now! That way you don’t miss it!” and part of me says “you need to wait and do it last-minute, just in case!” and right now I’m not sure which part is yelling louder. The fact remains that the bill is due. Honestly, we can put it off another month, but then we get hit with a huge interest fee! Around $350, and that will be so hard to rebound from.

It’s all about your attitude though, right? Maybe if I make it like a game to see what I can scrounge together for the week it will be fun. Tonight we had a “date night” in with a $5 pizza and a movie we already own.We still had fun. We laughed and joked and enjoyed our time together and we didn’t have the added expense of eating out.

This will be an exciting week either way. Either we will do amazingly well and end the week on a high note, or I will end up spending a couple of hours in the car shuffling money to cover us.

What do you do when you find yourself short for the week? Money stretching tips? Comment below.

I’ll see you tomorrow for Savings Challenge Saturday! Find out what we decided to do. Are we going to power through, or switch it up? You can find out tomorrow!


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