Time-Out Thursday

I love blogging. I am constantly sifting through my daily life looking for new blog ideas. I had several ideas for today, but I’m honestly exhausted. 

Most blogs take several hours to complete even after you invest time in the planning stages. You have to write them, take photos, edit said photos, edit the blog text, upload the photos to your website, read and re-read the text (and still find small errors after it’s posted), pick tags and categories, and more. If I didn’t love it, it would feel too much like work haha. 

So, tonight, I’m taking the night off. I’m going to make myself dinner, take a hot shower, play with my dogs, and then curl up with a cup of tea and a new book. Maybe even tinker with a few blog post ideas. 

We all need a day off every now and then so hopefully you understand. But as always- I’ll see you tomorrow. 


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