$10 Target Tuesday

Oh my gosh! What a day…

I toyed with several ideas for this Tuesday. Originally I was going to do “Tip Tuesday” but I couldn’t think of a tip compelling enough to focus even a short blog on it tonight. So, I did something different.

Last week during a shopping trip to target, I was able to earn $15 in free gift cards through promotions. Today, armed with $10 worth of free gift cards, I headed into Target to splurge.

I started with a free coffee from Starbucks that I had earned through their app. I’m sure at some point I will do a Starbucks Saturday with tips on saving at Starbucks, because, who doesn’t want to read that?! Haha. But for now, the gist is that you load a virtual gift card on the app and pay with it when you purchase anything from Starbucks. You earn stars for every purchase and get a free drink for every 125 stars. I received several Starbucks gift cards for Christmas and in using those I earned the stars that I was able to redeem for a free drink. So it was free to me, all around. Not much tastes better than free coffee.

Armed with my $10 I headed to the dollar spot, Bullseye’s playground, whatever they are calling it these days. They had several cute items, but most of the ones that I liked were $3-$5 and I really felt obligated to get more than 2 items.

I love Target. It’s a big joke in my family that I live there. Tonight I spent 3 hours walking around Target trying to spend $10. I hit my step goal for the day, but other than that, it was kind of depressing. There were plenty of cute $5 items that I liked, several that I even had in the cart at one point or another, but I just wanted more.

As I have mentioned, I have an office supply obsession. I probably spent half of the three hours there in the office supply area. I picked up pens, markers, washi tape, plenty of items that I liked. I picked a pack of 120 sticky notes that are shaped as conversation bubbles as my first “for sure” item, they were $1.49. The brand I picked was buy one get one 25% off, so I looked through the rest of the area. I found a folder in one of my favorite colors for $0.99, which would make it $0.75. I need something to keep all my little blog idea paper scraps in, so this will come in handy.

I then found clipboards. They were mostly $10! I haven’t looked for one recently, so I would have never guessed that they were priced so high! I found a very basic one that I will have fun decorating to make my own for just $1.99. It was also 10% off on Cartwheel, so that brought it down to $1.79.

I have a bulletin board in my office that I haven’t been able to use because I didn’t have push pins, so I decided to check them out. There were several boxes that had fun designs, even ones with animal busts! But, I wasn’t going to pay $6 for 6 push pins. No way, no how. So, I kept looking. I found the plain clear ones but they were $3.50 for a pack of 100. I’m all for being economic, but in my office there isn’t enough room on my bulletin board to even use 100 push pins. Plus, I wanted something that was more fun that just plain clear plastic. I found a pack of 54 push pins in six assorted designs for $2.99 that I think will be perfect! They were also the only item I picked that wasn’t on sale, clearance, or a discount.

With $2.87 to spare, I headed over to health and beauty. Originally I was contemplating a couple single use face mask packets, but at $1.97 each, I couldn’t justify it, especially when I have several full-sized facemasks in my bathroom cabinet that I could use for a night of pampering. I looked at some lip glosses, other beauty products, and just couldn’t find anything I loved in my price range. Then I saw a fingernail polish on clearance! I was able to get 2 and still come in $0.03 under budget!

1.10 haul.jpg

I paid for the tax out of my lunch money, it was just $0.50.

I realize that there are times when even $10 is more than you can allot for a splurge. I also realize that it looks like I’ve been splurging a lot, but in reality, I have only spent $0.50. I just picked $10 because that was what I had. I am hoping to also do a $5 splurge in the future, maybe even a $2 or $3.

I made it a point to not pick consumables as any part of my purchase today, save for the free coffee. Spending $3 on a bag of potato chips that would last a couple of days will bring nowhere near the enjoyment that two different colors of nail polish will and they cost the same.

1.10 reciept.jpg

So, here is my receipt. It was far harder than I thought it would be. There have been times when I stop into Target and drop $200 in an hour, and walk out just to feel buyer’s remorse all day. Today, while I had fun shopping, it really opened my eyes in terms of spending money on myself. Yes, a chocolate bar would be a fun treat, but I would rather have something that will last longer and provide a use. I feel like portions of my purchase were more “mini investments” than “splurges” today, like the folder and push pins. The clipboard is not only a functional item, but it will serve as an afternoon of relaxation and crafting when I decide to decorate it.

In total, while I only spent $10.50, I saved $7.47. That makes a difference, but also makes me wonder about how much I spend on these types of items on a day-to-day basis.

I’m sorry that this is going up so very late, my latest post ever; I never anticipated it would take me that long to spend $10 in Target.

Tomorrow’s blog will be featuring Target too, and then hopefully we can switch gears. Thank you for reading, I’ll see you tomorrow for Wash Wednesday.



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