BONUS! Mini “Money Monday”


I did it guys! I opened a savings account today!


With us using a lot more cash than plastic lately, we had added to our change jar quite a bit. I took $5 in quarters out a couple of weeks back to buy some necessities after we had spent our budget, but other than that it has just been sitting there collecting change for a couple of months. If you don’t already, I would recommend getting a change “jar.” We have a large jar that floats around the house, and then a small dish that sits in our entry way for cleaning out pockets.

Despite borrowing from it earlier, we still had $20.66 in it! I used that and a rebate check (bonus income on the chart in yesterday’s Summary Sunday) for $23.60 as our opening deposit.

The woman who helped me was so nice; she gave me a ton of freebies for opening an account! I don’t know if it was part of a promotion or if it was because I brought my first deposit in as change in a sandwich bag, haha.


I am going to re-evaluate our savings challenge goal over the next couple days, and come up with a more attainable goal. I love the idea of a savings challenge and really want to complete several this year. I don’t however, want to start off the year in a savings challenge that I will fail.


You’ll have to wait a couple of days, but you can read about what we decide on Savings Challenge Saturday.


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