Fur-Baby Friday

Happy Friday!!!

We have 2 fur-babies (dogs) and they can get quite expensive at times! Today will be a shorter post, but I’m going to share a couple of tips and tricks to help with costs that can really add up!


I have decided that to help curb my pet related spending, which can easily get out of hand,  I’m going to purchase gift cards for the amount of our “Pet” budget.

Today I purchased two gift cards to PetSmart, one for $25 and one for $10. I would have normally just purchased one card for $35 but they have some gift cards that are left from the holiday season that have incredible little coupon books attached! I even used two of the coupons to purchase a couple goodies today!

1.6 haul.jpg

The Merry Meals are so festive looking! They are 13oz and at full retail they are $1.59. Since the holidays have passed, they are marked down to $0.97. That in itself is a decent deal, but there is a coupon in the booklet for (brace yourself) buy ONE get TWO free!! Two!! So I got all 3 for $0.97! Less than $0.33 each.

The other item I purchased is a bag of Dentley’s bison tendon strips. It is usually $13.99 but the coupon in the book (50% off!) made it $6.99. There are 20 chews inside the bag, so that makes them around $0.35 a chew!

I got 20 chews and 3 large cans of food for $7.96 plus tax!

1.6 recipet.jpg

One of our girls is allergic to everything under the sun so having single ingredient treats and chews makes a huge difference! I really like this pack because there are so many and at that price I don’t feel bad giving them each one every day!

Our other girl doesn’t have allergies that we know of but they generally get the same treatment because it’s so much easier to do things one way than to have to do them differently for each dog. While she doesn’t have allergies, she does have abnormally dry skin. Our vet has given her a prescription for food that is supposed to help, but at $3-4 a can I can’t always bring myself to drive across town and buy it. We have found that just supplementing wet food in general for a portion of her meals a couple of times a week does make a difference. The cans are for her, and let me tell you that $0.33 is much easier to fork out than the $3-4 a can for the prescription food.

*If the prescription was necessary to her quality of a life, we would pay it without hesitation. She just has bad dandruff. Our vet recommended that we try other brands and supplements as well as the prescription food and find what works best for us.*

1.6 coupon.jpg

I still have a food coupon, a treat coupon, and 2 for cat litter. No, we don’t have a cat, but it never hurts to have a small bag in the car during the winter to help you get out of a slick situation and it also never hurts to keep one on hand at home for spills. We change our own oil, so it could also come in handy there. I’ve already checked their website and they sell a 20 pound bag that meets the requirements of my coupon for $3.67, so I will be going in to pick one up for $1.84.


I generally stock up on chews and toys that are on clearance. We love to spoil the girls but we also don’t want to spend so much on “extras” that we then can’t afford their food or necessities.

Pets can be very expensive. Even buying everything that we can on clearance and stocking up on their food when we find a good deal, we still spend thousands on just two dogs a year. I would hope that it would go without saying, but when you are trying to get your finances in order it is not wise to add a pet to your household. Just a general PSA, but also a reminder to myself.

My betta fish died a couple of months back, and I have a yearning to set up a bigger tank and go all out. Every time I find myself trying to decide where I would put a different tank or what kind of fish I would stock it with, I have to stop and remind myself- No new pets. I may bend the rules a little and put my small tank back up and just use it as an aqua-scape (live plants only, no fish) until I can justify additional pet costs. We also already have a bearded dragon and 2 (seasonal) horses, all of which have big appetites.

1.6 falkor.jpg

I am planning on using the $10 gift card I got today to purchase crickets and such for the bearded dragon (not a “fur”-baby, but still relevant) for the week, and to put the $25 gift card towards the girls’ food and such.


We do have a plan through our vet that is similar to insurance, but not insurance. We pay a monthly fee and it covers all vaccinations, examinations, and most of their preventative care for the year. They also have additional options for other plans, such as spaying/neutering or senior pets with additional needs. I’m going to try to get some literature on their plans at our next visit so that I can share it here, but for now I just want to mention that we do have that.

In another post I mentioned that our vet plan was going to be decreasing this month. We opted for the additional spay coverage for the first year we had the plan and now that both dogs are spayed, that additional fee will be dropping off. We will definitely be renewing their plans as it has saved us so much money so far. They are also great to call and remind us when things come due, and are just a great vet office in general.

Each dog has its own plan and they renew at different times, we adopted one late summer 2016 and have had the other for all 4 years of her life.  At our most recent visit in December they reminded me that there were several things included in my plan that we hadn’t used and so we went ahead and used them before they “expired.” She was just in for a check-up and ended up getting vaccines, de-wormer, blood drawn, a fecal exam, and her nails done. They take good care of my girls.


I’m going to keep an eye out for good bargains for our pets, but if anyone has any tips they would like to share please comment below.


Hold onto your seats! Splurge Saturday will be up tomorrow morning!


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